Khandallah Plunket Toy Library

Welcome to Khandallah Plunket Toy Library!

The Khandallah Plunket Toy Library was established in 2010 and is a sub-branch of Khandallah Plunket. We are a non-profit organisation which provides quality toys, games and puzzles for families to borrow (catering for children up to five years of age). We belong to the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand. We are run by parents for parents! We are based in Khandallah but we welcome memberships from around Wellington.
We'd love to see you. Come along and see what we have to offer. A membership is a great way to give your children access to toys that you might not want to buy - like the large expensive ride in cars, slides, etc. It is a good way to trial toys and find out what your child really enjoys. Also, a great way to solve the problem of them losing interest in toys after a short period of time.