Term and Condition

Khandallah Plunket Toy Library
Welcome to the Khandallah Plunket Toy Library! We would like to share some helpful information with you about our volunteer run community organisation.
Membership Agreement
We are a non­ profit organisation providing quality toys for children aged 0-­5yrs. The funding for the Khandallah Plunket Toy Library comes from a variety of places including: membership fees; fundraising activities; grants; and sponsorship.
Memberships run for twelve calendar months from the date of signup or renewal. We are open throughout the year except for some holiday weekends (Easter) and over the Christmas Holiday break. Members will be notified of any changes to the opening days and/or times by email and the Khandallah Plunket Toy Library Facebook page.
Annual membership is $78.00. This covers rental, running costs, toy purchases, repairs and packaging. Membership is free until your child turns 1, upon which standard membership fees apply. Each member will be required to do at least one duty per year (which may include stocktake duty, or rostered toy library duty to help the librarian) – members will also need to participate in some fundraising activities. As an option for those who cannot participate in rostered duties, a limited number of non ­duty annual memberships are available for $156.00. There is no per toy/puzzle charge.
Join the committee and assist with events, fundraising and the maintenance of the library and pay no membership fee for the time you are on the committee.
Toys/puzzles will be loaned for three weeks at a time and limited to five toys and four games/puzzles per membership. Please return toys/puzzles CLEAN and ready to be borrowed by another member. Puzzles should be completed in their frames, where applicable, for easy checking. If any of your toys are not returned clean, you will be asked to clean them at the rooms upon return.
Please ensure that the toy is dry before putting back in its box/bag. It is best to clean the toy the day before you bring it back to the Toy Library as then it has time to dry before going back in the box/bag. Please also drain water from any bath/water toys the day before returning and leave to dry before putting into its box/bag.
A charge of $5.00 will be made per lost or broken piece. If the lost piece is later returned, this charge will be refunded. It is far more valuable to us to have the piece returned than to have your fine so please do bring them back in when found.
Should a complete toy/puzzle be lost or a lost piece or breakage renders the toy unsafe or unusable, the member will be charged for the cost of a replacement as per the membership agreement.
Toys are issued with working batteries and should be returned working. If a toy is returned with flat batteries a missing piece charge will apply.
Overdue fines of $2.00 per toy/week will apply for toys/puzzles not returned on time, as this disadvantages other members by taking a toy/puzzle out of circulation.
Payment of membership fees can be made either in person by cash or through online banking. If paying via online banking, we may ask for proof of payment before you are able to borrow toys.
Bank account details are:
Account name: Royal New Zealand Plunket Trust Account number: 02-0500-0968886-000
Please use the reference LA26 and your full name (per the membership agreement). If you don’t we won’t be able to allocate the funds or match your payment with your membership.
We appreciate member's checking the toys/puzzles for damage before returning. If a toy/puzzle becomes unsafe please notify a committee member upon its return.
Do not attempt to fix the toy/puzzle yourself as this may place another child at risk.
Duty members will be contacted in regards to their dates for duties. An email is sent at the beginning of each term as to when the member is due to complete their duty. At each session there will be a Plunket Toy Librarian and one Toy Library duty member. Duties are a very important part of the Toy Library and we cannot run without your help. There will therefore be a $25.00 fine for people who do not show for their rostered duties. If you are unable to be rostered for Toy Library duty, you MUST pay the non­ duty fee. Any adult in the family can complete the Toy Library duty.
A copy of the roster is held at the Khandallah Plunket Toy Library. If you’re unable to complete your rostered duty, please contact other members on the roster to swap with your family. It is your responsibility to find a replacement and to inform the roster coordinator of the swap.
The membership fees we are charging are enough to cover administration costs, rental, running costs, toy purchases, repairs and packaging. They do not however cover all new toy purchases and we need to fundraise to ensure that we can continue to purchase new toys. As a member of the Toy Library you will be asked to participate in fundraising ventures during the year.
Toys for children under 3 must, by law, be large enough so they cannot be inhaled or swallowed. Toys and pieces for this age must be more than 32mm wide and 60mm long to avoid choking, which is approximately the size of a film canister. Toys for older children can comply with this standard on a voluntary basis.
For this reason it has been necessary for the Khandallah Plunket Toy Library to label all toys which have parts that are not suitable for under 3 year olds with the following:
Not suitable
For children under 3 years
Contains small parts
Please check toys and puzzles for this label. It is your responsibility to select toys/puzzles that suit your child/children’s age and ability and to supervise the use of those toys/puzzles to ensure that no harm comes to the children playing with them. We have labeled the toys with a recommended age to help you with your selection. We have a range of toys suitable for 4+ only. These toys are to be borrowed for over 4 year olds only as they have fragile components that will wear easily if extra care is not taken.
Some toys/puzzles from the Khandallah Plunket Toy Library are stored in plastic bags. Please remove these bags and put them out of reach so that children are not at risk of suffocation.
Thank you for joining Khandallah Plunket Toy Library. We hope that you and your family enjoy the service that we provide. For any comments or suggestions please feel free to contact us, we are always happy to hear from you!